APM, BI and KPI of
APM (+ PHP), Releases (data + logged targets), Static Analysis, Page Rendering Speed , Customer and Team Contentment, Uptime/SLA, Conversion, Number of Errors of Any Internal Servers. All Indicator Statistics.
Start managing the quality of your projects
Our mission is to create simple and intuitive instrument to review key project indicators, including team spirit, the number of releases, APM and any important parameters for your business in one window.
What do you usually know about the condition of the project?
What is the real uptime of the service and website?
The average speed of the service and the site in each of its sections? Any metrics, including pagespeed score and its dynamics? Find out that the critical functionality began to work with anomalies and notify the right people - the developers and the business.
Create regular surveys for all business units (including the developers themselves) about project contentment. The survey is anonymized and allows you to recognize the atmosphere of the project in the context of each team, so that Manager could respond.
Recognize the trace of the application and in reality discover where the slowest sections of the code are, understand how often do they appear and where the optimization will give the greatest effect? Determine the execution time of a particular method and identify slow queries to the database.
PHP supported.
Create notifications for events of the project according to the specified conditions and notify the project user groups about them.
Would you like to have one summary report where you would see the dynamics of the most significant indicators? Would you like to know whether the quality of the project is improving or deteriorating? APMinvest is able to combine releases to conversions and business metrics.
Find out what is hidden
Customers Review
GA Data
SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Release and Implications
Customer and Team Contment
APM (Application Performance Metrics)
KPI of the Team
Customizable notifications
When was the release and what tasks did it include?
How did the number of errors, speed, project metrics change after the release? Also by the number of errors on the APP servers, including your application errors and nginx/apache/postfix/etc errors? And all this is desirable to compare between the releases.
Product Owners
Quantitative indicators of quality. Productivity status of your tasks and their impact on your metrics.
Managers / Team Leaders
Contentment of the team. Quantitative indicators of quality and business indicators of the project and their connection with the work of developers.
Contentment of the product owners. Complex technical metrics (APM) and traces, DB slowlogs. The summary of errors on all the related systems.
Capabilities of the APMinvest
SLA - Indicators
UPTIME, Response Time
We save the values of the site's uptime for over 2 years, identifying both site failure and complex cases (HTTP 200, but the page is empty) - for this we are looking for key words on the pages.

Reports can be sent to the post office once a week or month automatically. According to critical notifications, our bot will automatically keep you informed.
All Indicators Accepted
Metrics for the Management
With JSON, you can send us any metrics (for example, static analysis indicators, the number of errors in logs, data from Google Analytics or your CRM), and we will accumulate these data and build graphs on them, linking them to your releases.
Application performance
APM: Diagrams, traces, slowlogs
As NEWRELIC, we display traces with details on each. Also functions and the related calls to DMS.

The release date is marked on the charts.
All Information about Releases for Managers
Releases and Targets
Release data in a separate tab and is displayed on all charts. What was in the release? How much time was spent? Link to the target? All the most important of your CI-service on the one only panel.
Notifications about the Performance of the Product
Set up notification groups and the criteria by which you would like to receive reports
(E-mail, Telegram or Facebook)
Learn about Project Issues with Notifications
By simplifying events as much as possible and linking them to the performance points, all project issues are in plain sight.
The sooner you understand the problem, the faster it will be solved.
Customize Events and Notifications
Changes in critical metrics are included into notifications and are sent to relevant groups: managers, developers, product owners.
Smart Notifications
Setting up notifications is not a problem. The problem appears when there are too much of them. That is why we filter duplicate notifications in minor changes of indicators.
APMinvest collects all the necessary metrics, gathering and aggregating them. Conversion, the number of open and closed tasks in your tracker, the percentage of canceled orders and so much more!
API for collecting any metrics
Take a look on it
Free Consultations
the Criteria
We offer metrics that will be applicable to your project.
Support with
We help with the technical implementation of the collecting the settings of your project.
Based on the metrics, we propose a strategy to improve the quality of the project.
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